pubsub/node/affiliations: nodes subscriptions management

subscriptions is a subcommand handling the subscription to a node.

Those commands can only be used by an owner of the node.


Retrieve subscriptions to a node.

If --public is used, only public subscriptions are retrieved (if target service supports XEP-0465 Public Pubsub Subscriptions). Public subscriptions are accessible to anybody, thus you can use this on a node even if you are not an owner of it (and thus would not normally be allowed to retrieve subscriptions).


Get subscription from some_node:

$ li pubsub node subscriptions get -n some_node

Retrieve public subscribers to the blog of Louise:

$ li pubsub node subscriptions get --public -s -n urn:xmpp:microblog:0


Set subscriptions to a node. Subscriptions are specified with -S JID [SUSBSCRIPTION] [JID [SUSBSCRIPTION] ...], --subscription JID [SUSBSCRIPTION] [JID [SUSBSCRIPTION] ...] where JID is the jid of the entity to change subscription state, and SUBSCRIPTION is a subscription state (on of subscribed, pending, none) as specified in XEP-0060 Subscription State. If SUBSCRIPTION is not specified, it default to subscribed.


Subscribe Louise with her new address at and remove her subscription from old

$ li pubsub node subscriptions set -n some_node -S subscribed none