pubsub/node/affiliations: nodes affiliations management

affiliations is a subcommand handling the affiliations of a node (not to be confused with pubsub affiliations which handle the affiliations of a PubSub service).


Retrieve entities affiliated to this node and their role.


Get affiliations of a node:

$ li pubsub node affiliations get -n some_node


Set affiliation of an entity on a node. Affiliations are specified with -a JID AFFILIATION argument. Check XEP-0060 affiliations for allowed values for AFFILIATION. Use none to remove an affiliation.


If we have a whitelisted node some_whitelisted_node, we can allow to publish on it (by setting her role as publisher), and to access it (by setting his role as member) using the following command:

$ li pubsub node affiliations set -n some_whitelisted_node -a
publisher -a member