pubsub/hook: PubSub hooks management

hook is a subcommand grouping all PubSub commands related to hooks management. Hooks are user actions launched on specific events.

3 types of hooks can be used:


A Python module is expected as argument. The module must be available in Python path, and it must have a hook function.


A path to a Python script is expected as argument. The script must contain a hook function.


Python code which will be directly executed. 3 variables will be set: host which contain the main Libervia instance, client which contain the session attached to the profile, and item which contain the item attached to the event.


Hooks are executed in Libervia context, and must be asynchronous. If they block, the whole Libervia execution will be blocked. They have access to everything, so don’t run a code that you don’t absolutely trust.


Only python_file type is currently implemented


Hook is an experimental feature, the way to use it may change in the future.


Create a hook of given type. Type is specified with -t {python,python_file,python_code}, --type {python,python_file,python_code} and a positional arguments is expected, which depends on the chosen type.

By default the hook is temporary (it will be lost if the profile is disconnected), but you can make is persistent accross reconnexions if you use the -P, --persistent argument.


Install a persistent hook on blog node, using the Python script named in $HOME directory:

$ li pubsub node hook create -n urn:xmpp:microblog:0 -t python_file --persistent ~/


Delete one hook or all of them. To delete a hook, specify its type and argument (the that you have used with create). If you use empty --type and --arg all hooks will be removed.


Delete the hook:

$ li pubsub node hook delete -n urn:xmpp:microblog:0 -t python_file --arg ~/


List registered hooks. The output will give the following informations:


PubSub service on which the hook is attached.


PubSub node on which the hook is attached.


hook type


hook arguments (dependant of hook type)


boolean indicating is the hook persist accross sessions.


Get PubSub hooks registered for this profile in JSON:

$ li pubsub hook list -O json