notification: notifications handling

Notifications can be retrieved, expired or created with the notification commands.


Add and broadcast a new notification. Only admin profiles can add a notification.

It can be used for service announcement, such as planned maintenance.

To make an announcement to all profiles, use the -g, --is-global. Note that such global notification aren’t deleted when using expire command: you have either to use -e EXPIRE_AT, --expire-at EXPIRE_AT to set an expiration date, or to delete them manually with delete.


Add a global service announcement to indicate that the server will be shut down. The expiration date is set so that the notification will be expired after expected end of maintenance:

$ li notification add service "Server will be shut down for maintenance." -P HIGH -g -e "2023-10-22"


Retrieve notification for current profile. If -f, --follow argument is used, the CLI will continue to run and show any new incoming notification.


Louise wishes to obtain her current notifications and display any new notifications as they are issued:

$ li notification get -f

Louise wants to see all her chat notifications which are at least of high priority (this includes urgent ones):

$ li notification get -t chat -P HIGH


Delete a notification by its ID. The notification must belong to the profile doing the request.

If -g, --is-global is used, a global notification is to be deleted. Only admins can delete a global notification.


Louise (who is an admin) wants to delete a previous global service announcement with ID 123:

$ li notification delete -g 123


Delete expired notification (the ones with an expiration date set).

If -l TIME_PATTERN, --limit TIME_PATTERN is used, also delete notification which have been created before the given limit. Some notifications can’t be deleted this way: if they are global, or if they require a user action. Using now as time pattern will clear all the notifications that can be deleted.

By default, only notifications of requesting profile are deleted (except for expired ones which are always deleted). If -a, --all is used, notification for all profiles can be deleted. This option is notably useful to schedule automatic notification cleaning.


Louise want to expire notification for all profiles that are older than 7 days:

$ li notification expire -a -l "7 days ago"