application: external applications management

Libervia can launch and manage external applications. This is useful to integrate external services, notably in the web frontend. The command can be used either with application or the shortcut app.


List available applications. This command can show either the list of available application (which could be launched) and/or the list of running application.

By default both available and running application are shown, this can be filtered by using -f {available,running}, --filter {available,running}


List available applications:

$ li app list -f available


Start an application. Depending on the application and its availability locally, this make take some time (resources may have to be downloaded).


Start Weblate:

$ li app start weblate


Stop an application. If several instances of the same application are running, -i ID, --id ID can be used to specify which one must be stopped.


Stop Weblate:

$ li app stop weblate


List exposed values from a running application. Exposed values may be the port used, passwords automatically generated, or fields useful for web integration.

As for stop, if several instances of the same application are running, one can be specified using -i ID, --id ID.


Show exposed values of a running Weblate:

$ li account application exposed weblate