identity: identity management

Identity use several XMPP extensions (like vcards) to retrieve or set informations about an entity. For now it’s really basic and only nickname and avatar are managed.


Retrieve informations about the identity behind an XMPP entity. You only have to specify the jid of the entity, and you’ll get (if set) his/her/its nickname and data about the avatar.

When available, cached values are returned by defaut. If you want to ignore the cache, use the --no-cache option (of course this can result in more network requests).


Get identity information about an entity:

$ li identity get


Set identity data to the server, using various XMPP extensions. So far, you can only change the nickname of an entity using -n, --nick or or more times


Set 2 nicknames for default profile:

$ li identity set -n toto -n titi