account: XMPP account management

account command help you to create or manage the XMPP account of a server, using In-Band Registration (XEP-0077).


Create a XMPP account. You have to specify your jid and password as positional arguments. By default the registration is done on localhost with default XMPP Client 2 Server port (i.e. 5222), but you can specify other host/port using -H HOST, --host HOST and -P PORT, --port PORT. You may also specify an e-mail address using -e EMAIL, --email EMAIL (use of this data depend of the server implementation).

By default, no Libervia profile is created and associated to this new XMPP account, but you can use -p PROFILE, --profile PROFILE if you are willing to have one.


Create account for the new user Nestor at and associate it with the Libervia profile nestor:

$ li account create some_password -p nestor


Modify an existing XMPP account password. This will modify the XMPP account linked to the given profile.


Only the XMPP password on the server is changed, not the one registered in the parameter of Libervia. You may have to update the parameter of your profile if the new password doesn’t correspond to your parameters one (you can do that with li param set or with most Libervia frontends in parameters).


Change the XMPP password of the XMPP account of the default profile:

$ li account modify new_password


Delete the XMPP account linked to the given profile from the XMPP server. Before using this command, please be sure to understand well that THIS WILL REMOVE THE WHOLE XMPP ACCOUNT AND DATA FROM THE XMPP SERVER.

By default a confirmation is requested, you can do this without confirmation by using -f, --force, however this is NOT RECOMMENDED, be sure to understand what you’re doing if you use this option (and be sure to spell correctly the profile, if you forget the -p PROFILE, --profile argument for instance, this would delete entirely the default profile).


Be extra careful with this command, as it will remove the whole account from the server, and the associated data.


Delete the XMPP account of Pierre, which is not on the local server anymore:

$ li account delete -p pierre