blocking: entities blocking

blocking are commands to block or unblock users by their JIDs (as specified by XEP-0191). You server must implement this XEP to use those commands.

A blocking is usually done using bare JID, however, you may specify a resource if you want to block only this resource, or a domain if you want to block a whole domain. Please check XEP-0191 § JID Matching for details.


List already blocked users.


Check who has already been blocked:

$ li blocking list


Block one or more entities by specifying their JIDs.

You just need to specify the bare JIDs of users that you want to block as positional argument, specify only a domain if you want to block a whole domain.


Louise wants to block and the whole domain spammers.example:

$ li blocking block spammers.example


unblock works the same way as block.

If you want to unblock all blocked users at once, you can use the all keyword. In this case, you’ll have to confirm the action. If you don’t want to confirm manually, you can use the -f, --force flag.


Pierre wants to unblock the domain that he has blocked earlier:

$ li blocking unblock

Élysée want to unblock all blocked users, without confirmation:

$ li blocking unblock -f all