pipe: send/receive data stream through shell pipes

pipe commands allow you to send or receive data stream through a Unix shell pipe. Libervia will create a network connection (using XMPP and Jingle) between you an your contact.


Receive data stream. Data will be send to stdout, so it can be piped out or simply print to the screen. You can specify bare jids of entities to accept stream for, by default all streams are accepted.


Receive a video stream, and redirect it to mpv so show the video:

$ li pipe in | mpv -


Send data stream. Data comes from stdin, so you may use pipe in something or just write some text.

The only expected argument is the full jid of the device where the stream must be piped out.


Send a video to louise:

$ li pipe out louise@example.org/libervia.123 < some_video.webm

Send output from cal command to louise:

$ cal | li pipe out louise@example.org/libervia.123