file/share/affiliations: file sharing affiliations management

affiliations let you manage access permission to your shared files repository, in a way similar as for pubsub.

Affiliations with file sharing are not standard and will only work with the Libervia file sharing component.

Affiliations are similar to pubsub ones:


Has full permissions on the node, including changing affiliations. Owner can’t be changed at the moment.


Can read, upload and delete files


Can access file but can’t modify them or add new ones


Is not a member of this node, use it to remove an existing affiliation.


Retrieve entities affiliated to this file sharing node, and their role


Get affiliations of a file sharing node:

$ li file share affiliations get -P "/some/path"


Set affiliations of an entity to a file sharing node.


Allow read access to a photo album to Louise:

$ li file share affiliations set -c -P "/albums/holidays" -a member

Remove access to a directory from an old address of Pierre, and give it to the new one:

$ li file share affiliations set -c -N "some_namespace" -P
"/interesting/directory" -a none -a member